Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Photos around the mountain house

I took this picture about 25 yards from my front door. 
When we moved in, it didn't look quite like this.  But not far from our front door is BLM property, and they are doing a clearing right now.  I like that the sun is coming through, though it still doesn't reach our house from this side. 
Here is how it looks at the fenceline.  It's kind of a stark contrast and I know a lot of Californians would be horrified by this, but trees are extremely plentiful here in Oregon and are a major lumber, employment, and revenue source. Took this photo with my old Nikon CoolPix:

And this one with my iPhone:
I know I've been complaining for literally several years, but I really hate my old Nikon CoolPix.  I figured out a long long time ago that the color in the CoolPix is messed up, and even after resetting the white balance, it never compares to other people's shots.  See how in the upper picture, the sky in the upper right corner appears white, and the overall lack of rich color compared to the iPhone picture.

This tree fell onto my property; does that mean I get to keep it?

Water tower deep in the forest:
I took pictures of wildflowers near my house.  Here are the ones I think I've been able to identify, but please don't quote me on these.

Oregon Iris:

American Vetch, toxic to children and livestock:
Field Mustard, which is actually not a mustard like you would think of it:

Common Foxglove, both medicinal and highly poisonous.  It is used today to make the heart medication Digitalis, which DH also says is highly poisonous by itself if you don't know what you're doing.

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