Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Summer summer summertime

It is confusing to me to hear my friends in other parts of the country talking about summer.  Summer weather, summer clothes, summer food, summer iPod mixes.   Here in OR we are nowhere near summer anything.  We have summer in July-August-September.  Right now Mount Hood is still getting fresh snow.

I do have to laugh because the locals are complaining and saying this is so cold and unusual for May.  I was here last May, and it was the same!  I guess it was unusual then, too?  It makes me think that things are the same everywhere in that people like to complain about weather and also have very short memories.  In L.A. it is that everyone complains about how hot it is in November and December.  "Can you BELIEVE this heat??  In November?  It's so wrong!!  I can't believe it's still so hot!" Forgetting that they said that last year and the year before and the year before that.  I know this because I have memories of Christmas shopping in summer clothes sometime during my high school years.  I thought it was funny then, and I've never forgotten it.

My Portland summer memory is going to the summer concert in the park in June last year and it was cold and pouring rain.  I will never forget that and therefore will never forget that we don't get summer in May.  It helps me to try to be patient, but I'm still surprised that I seem to be the only one not surprised by our May weather.

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