Monday, March 08, 2010

Wish it were Sunday

I'm doing my Sunday coffee post on a Monday.

The big news for the week is that DH broke a bone in his foot. It happened on the job. That's all I can say here. But we are both unhappy about the situation.

In other news, I shot my rifle for the first time this week. I put on my orange hat and goggles for my eyes and ears and DH took me out to some BLM land where I shot up a Coke can really good. My rifle has some problems, we think, so DH has to take it to the gun shop for possible repair. But I liked it, it is very lightweight and DH got me a magazine for it that holds 25 rounds.

I've been working on changing my name to my married name. It is a pain. It is not the first time I have changed my name, and I remember it was a big fat pain before, which is why I never changed it again when the court gave me the opportunity.

The first thing I did was go to the social security office. They looked at my Texas marriage certificate and said they didn't think it was real. I allowed myself to get only mildly annoyed. As a genealogist, I have seen lots of marriage certificates and they all look just like mine. I was surprised that the clerk at the SS office was so thrown by this just because it was from Texas. He said he would look into it and call me if there were other problems. That was several weeks ago. I received neither a phone call nor a new SS card.

Then I went to the DMV to change my name on my license. They recognized my marriage certificate for what it was, but they had trouble connecting the dots as to who married who and what the names were after the marriage. I'm not kidding about this. Well, it took 2 days but I do have a new license with my new name on it. It's just a temporary copy. When I get the real one I guess I will go back to the SS office and start over with them.

Now I'm working on bank and insurance records, and next I will have to get a new passport. I guess bank records aren't so critical anymore since I do have a photo ID with my new name on it. But the insurance records are key to me since I want to be admitted to the hospital under my new name only. And I guess the passport is just no good as ID anymore, unless I want to travel around with both old passport and my marriage cert, which no one seems to recognize. DH thinks that is a good idea. That we should just never leave the house without every possible piece of ID, plus a utility bill.

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jennifer said...

Changing your name is a pain in the ass. I'm still changing mine and it will be one year in a couple of weeks. Passport is easy to change :)


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