Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sunday morning coffee post

So, after my computer crashed, we went on a brief trip, and immediately upon return from that trip I developed a bad cold/low-grade fever which knocked me out until pretty much this morning. Stupid airplanes. How can I catch up blogging when so much has happened? I'll just write til I run out of coffee.

The purpose of our trip was to tell our family the big news: we are getting married in December and we are expecting a baby in May. That's right, most people drop those kinds of announcements one at a time, but we do both together!

The wedding will be in Dallas, where my sister lives. We've actually been planning a wedding for quite some time. When we learned about the bun in the oven, it forced us to choose a date right away. We talked about just getting married here, but we really wanted our families to be there and since none of them are in Oregon and most of them are in TX, it seemed easier for everyone if we moved the location. We also talked about not having a wedding at all, but it was hard to abandon the ideas that we had been planning for so long, knowing that we would never have the chance to realize them again. Some of the ideas did have to be abandoned (my dream of bringing in a full orchestra and big band (yes, we were seriously planning to do that)). But our plan was always to have a Christmas wedding, and so we find ourselves organizing and paying for a wedding in only 2 months. I see now the brilliance of having a year-long engagement - it's kind of like a layaway plan for the wedding. I suspect PH may have to go with a stand-in wedding ring until I can get him the real one he wants later.

We are looking into flying into Dallas on a one-way ticket, and then driving back home as a kind of honeymoon. We'd visit the grand canyon and Sedona and Las Vegas. Initially PH had suggested driving both ways. On this last trip (that produced the cold), we had yet another tearful incident at the airport with TSA and it was with a heavy heart that I admitted that I think I'm willing to give up flying now. PH had enough of TSA long ago. So he said, we'll fly one more time (to our wedding) and that's it. And I said, really, we don't even have to fly then. He liked that idea. But, it will take us several days in TX to get our marriage license, so we may fly anyway to reduce the amount of time PH has to take off from work. Although, he says he doesn't care how much time he takes off since he gets paid vacation. I don't know. This is something we're thinking about. I hate TSA and what it represents and what we have become. PH says he doesn't understand why everyone just allows themselves to be treated that way. I said it's because TSA can prevent you from getting to your plane on time, or at all. I didn't argue because I wanted to go home. I regret it now, but now it's too late.

Being sick when you have a bun in the oven means you're not allowed to take any medication at all. PH went to talk to Pharmacist who said he would not recommend anything except Tylenol every now and then. Since then, a couple of moms have told me Robitussin is ok, but now I am mostly better. The fever was the worst. You have to watch it, because if it gets too high then you're cooking The Bun and that is bad. But mine stayed low, but just enough to annoy the hell out of me, make me feel like my eyeballs were boiling and I was breathing fire through my nose and mouth.

We got satellite TV this week. We don't have a broadband connection here in the mountains, so our previous method of watching TV on the internet wasn't going to work here. My favorite show is LOST and I didn't want to miss the last season, which should start up in January. So we got a move-in special on a satellite dish, and it's all set. It came with a DVR. I decided I do need to learn how to use it, because there's so many commercials on TV I can't stand it. I also found that there isn't much on TV at all. I suppose when LOST is over we may just cancel the dish. I'm not sure. I thought I would like HGTV but it seems that all their shows are like lifestyles of the rich and famous, except they are marketing the shows as if we are all rich and supposed to relate to this. Remodels of 5000 square foot homes. Re-do your backyard for $40k. How to buy a vacation home abroad. etc etc. Nothing I can relate to. I loved this Canadian show I used to watch called The Painted House. And the same designer later did one called Facelift, which was like Extreme Home Makeover before EHM existed. I loved it because even though the before/after was always pretty extreme, it was also do-able for the average person. HGTV doesn't have any shows like that, from what I can see. I've also found that our local PBS is so far not as good as KCET. I suppose nothing is. But I was kind of surprised because OPB funds a lot of PBS programs nationwide, so I thought they must be kind of good.

Coffee's out, so am I. Going to try to make today a workday to make up for the week and a half that I've missed. (Well, can't say I missed it, haha.)

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