Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I guess some energy has returned, because I've worked 8-hour days for the last 3 days. Unbelievable! Wedding is in 45 days and we still haven't quite determined how we're getting there (drive or fly or train or ?). I suppose part of that was that the funding priority was going toward the venue rental and the food and the photographer. In the wedding industry, everyone wants to be paid way in advance, and I guess I understand why, but it's very challenging when the party is planned in such a short time frame. PH pretty much has his heart set on driving, but that means a LOT of hotel bills. I'll have to think about this later when I haven't been working all day and otherwise stressed out.

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Ada Croft said...


I haven't posted/commented in a while because of schoolwork and homecoming but I am so excited for the wedding and I am so happy for you! Mike is the nicest guy ever! And a baby! I squealed and bothered my mom for the longest time in excitement(:

Only 45 days! I really like the song on your iPod thing, the Jack Black Tenacious D-Tribute. I cracked up.

I can't wait!



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