Monday, August 17, 2009

We're on a road to nowhere

We had our first misadventure at the mountain house. Last weekend we decided to spend a night there. Moving day isn't until late next week, but we've started to bring a few boxes here and there, and we had enough stuff moved to "camp" at the house for a night. I took one car to the house and PH took the other one to work. He called me in the middle of night to tell me that he had actually run out of gas between the hospital and our house. When he realized he was too low and there are no gas stations anywhere near our house, he drove into our nearest town. There, he found there were no gas stations open 24 hours. So now we know we have to plan ahead, and also stock up on gas at our house just in case. I can only imagine having guests over who don't realize how much gas it will take to get to and from.

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