Friday, June 05, 2009

A cat without a grin

Jack is back from the cat hospital today. She had to spend the night last night after having nearly all of her teeth pulled. I felt very guilty about having all her teeth pulled because I do not believe she was uncomfortable before, and of course she is now. But everyone (PH and the vet) insisted that her mouth was in very, very bad shape and that this had to happen. Then I was mad because I was afraid when they pulled her teeth, that they might have pulled her personality too. Like, she might come home traumatized and depressed about her teeth. But that is not the case. As soon as she came home she ran around purring and jumping on our laps. She's not mad. It just seems she is having trouble sleeping and eating right now. But she still purrs. The vet techs told PH that she was trying to play with them even when she was scared and on the operating table. That's how much she loves people.

I do not like the vet tech who answered the phone when I called to ask about Jack yesterday. She sounded completely surprised that I would call, since PH is the one who has been dropping Jack off. She said she couldn't tell me anything about Jack. I'm thinking, "you take yourself waaay too seriously if you think that your client is the cat and not the person who is PAYING for the cat, and btw, there is no privacy law that applies to CATS!!!!!" But instead I just say to her, "seriously??" in an incredulous tone, while she stutters some nonsense at me. I was so mad this morning that I was not allowed to go with PH to pick up Jack because I was sure to say something hateful.

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