Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I finally got an iPhone

I almost never believed it would happen, but it has. I have an iPhone. And it totally lived up to my expectations.
Some time ago I had played with the phone in the Apple store in the mall. I'd heard it was insanely easy to use, and fun too. The floor model was no such thing. The touch screen was not reacting when I tried to type, and the map feature would not work at all. It was not easy to use. In fact, I kind of hated it. So I gave up the idea of getting an iPhone.
Then I decided it was becoming more and more necessary for me to have a phone that would allow me to check email and use the web, for a lot of reasons. I shopped around. And the only phone that had all the mandatory features was the iPhone. I had no other choice. Then I found someone who would buy it for me, and so the deal was done.
It took a while to get it all worked out since I had to drop my Sprint contract, but the phone is finally in my hands.
I now understand that the phone I tried in the Apple store was obviously broken. Too many grubby hands had fried its little computer brain, or something. The one I hold in my hands IS insanely easy to use.
The best part is that it does exactly what I needed it to do. It tells me when I have email, which is the primary communication for my job. It tells me even when I have email when it is asleep. I do not have to lift a finger to know that I have email. I am no longer tethered to my laptop, obsessively refreshing the screen or eyes furtively checking for that stupid tiny envelope in the corner. When I'm away from my computer I do not need to run back every 5 minutes or wonder what I am missing. I am free. Thank you, iPhone. Thank you.

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