Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I'm happy because I bought a portable air conditioner today. It seems like a weird purchase, I'm sure, for a place that as far as I can tell is gray and forty-four degrees 11 months of the year, but everyone always talks about the 2 weeks a year that it is blazing, melting hot here, and most residences are not air-conditioned. We were here for those 2 weeks in August, and it was unbelievable. I've wanted a portable unit ever since. And now I have one! One of my neighbors is moving out and she sold hers to me for a very reasonable price.

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JackimoT said...

Hello Heather, buying a portable air conditioner isn’t a weird purchase, I picked up a new one from http://www.shophmac.com/cooling/portable-air-conditioners.html, I’ve heard some of the older models are kind of loud other I too would have went with used. I’ve got really thin windows in my study and can’t fit a normal AC into any of them so the portable AC is perfect because of the little tubing that fits snug in the window, plus I really don’t like to lift anything really heavy so being able to just wheel it out of my closet is nice. I will say though I’m very jealous of Cali weather, I have a friend who lives in LA and he is always teasing me how it’s 70-80 degrees almost all year round where I’m on the east coast which is 40-60 here most of the year. But our summers are always tar melting hot.


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