Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Glamorous, glamorous

So, somehow I have finally flown enough miles or took enough trips in one year or something (I have no idea what, exactly), that I have reached "preferred" status in my frequent flyer account that I've had for like 10 years. So far, it totally rules. I mean, this RULES!!! I get way better seats, I don't have to pay to check my suitcase, I get to go to the "preferred" line at TSA (can't bypass them entirely, darn), and I get on the plane first. Oh and I get dibs on upgrades. Sometimes I don't even have to pay for the upgrades. Preferred status does exist! I've seen it, I got it!!

1 comment:

Ada Potata said...

That sounds like it rocks. I would like to go places when I grow up. It sounds like they take you more seriously than the other fliers because they know your coming back? Can't wait till you fly to see us and the new baby!


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