Sunday, December 07, 2008

Portland Christmas Bazaar

Today we went to the Portland Expo Center to see what's being billed as "America's Largest Christmas Bazaar". Over 1000 vendors, and I think we looked at all of them. My feet are tired. But we got lots of good stuff that you can't get at the mall. Lots of handmade stuff or "as seen on TV" stuff, and great prices, too.

One of the most unique things I saw was a handmade "fairy house". It was sort of like a dollhouse, maybe 8x8x8, furnished with little fairy furniture and with a light-up chandelier made of a flower. It was cute, and only about $45, but I decided maybe I could make one myself.

Though I laughed out loud when we passed a woodworker's booth, and he had a sign posted that said, "Yes, you could make one yourself, but you know you won't."

Which is what I was thinking when I bought a little beaded ornament. The lady asked me if I was a "beader", and I said no, I just like the look of them. She told me she doesn't really know what she's doing, but she just likes beads and can't stop stringing them. She had lots of beautiful ornaments. She pointed out some mistakes she had made. I think I bought the ornament partly because I liked it, and partly because I liked her attitude. There was nothing sales-y or corporate about her.

Since we moved, people often ask me if Portland is friendly. I say no, not unless you're buying something. The ornament lady was different. But I don't know anything about her so I don't know if she's even from Portland. She didn't have a business card. I think she was sharing booth space with someone else. Now I'm wondering if the booth vendor just happened to bring along her next-door neighbor or sister or something and this gave her a reason to bring along the pile of stuff she can't stop stringing.

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