Friday, December 12, 2008

Oh, the weather outside is frightful

...or so they say it will be on Sunday. Just when I thought I had escaped the "Stormwatch 2008" hype, it's come to PDX. We *might* get snow on Sunday and so it is all anyone is talking about since Friday morning. I guess it's contagious because I too have memorized the weather prediction minute by minute for the weekend, so since the snow is scheduled to start at precisely 10pm Saturday night, I will be out waiting for it with my crap camera.

I am glad we went to The Grotto yesterday for PH's birthday, instead of waiting for this weekend when it will be literally freezing. The Grotto is a Catholic sanctuary and convent, I think, and they have it decorated with lights for Christmas. They are open to visit all year, but the light thing is only at this time of year. It was very pretty and I'd like to see the place during the day, too. PH thinks he would like us to go there for mass on Christmas day, although we're not Catholic.

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