Friday, November 07, 2008

We're not the same, we're different tonight

I suppose this post is about 3 days late. But I didn't have the words until now. It was so easy to make jokes about CHANGE! and YES WE CAN! and HOPE. It was so difficult to watch as I knew the election would never go the way I had spent the last couple of years imagining it would. That part is still hard for me and will be a scar forever, a dream that I had believed in and will never come true. So I wasn't as invested in the election as a lot of others. In the end I just did what I thought was best, and I hoped.

The country's reaction to the election is what changed me. I went to sleep that night full of new hope, and this surprised me, for I had not even realized that I had lost it.

PH seems to feel the same way. For all his negative talk about both candidates before the election, as soon as the polls were closed he had nothing but kind words to say about Obama.

Though I have never once stopped being proud of America and Americans, I had acknowledged that this was a dark period that I was waiting out. So I do have hope. I hope this is not short-lived. I hope something good will happen. I hope we can put the past behind us. The fact that I dare to have these hopes is new this week. I am different now. We are different now. I hope that does not change.

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