Saturday, November 01, 2008

Amazon wish list

Amazon has a new wish list feature that allows you to put anything at all on your wish list, even if it's on another website, or even if it's not really for sale, I suppose. I've been trying it out the last few weeks, and it works great. You download a button that says "Add to Wish List" and then the button is in your toolbar all the time. You just click that button when you see anything you want to add. A pop up wizard will guess what it is that you're looking at (it looks at all the pictures on the site) and then you confirm and add comments if you want to. I like this because I can use it to create both a wish list (public) and my own shopping list (private) and it helps to declutter my office even more since I no longer have to keep tear files from catalogs or write lists on scraps of paper.

You can add a link to your wish list to your web page if you want to. Like this one or the one in my widget column to the right.

My Wish List

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