Wednesday, October 29, 2008

When you see it then you'll understand

Fall has come to Portland. It's very beautiful. Everyone is so happy and keeps talking breathlessly about how pretty it is outside. I guess that means you never get used to it or bored of it, even if you've lived here a long time. When I'm walking or driving outside, I see people on the sidewalks with cameras, or other people clutching leaves in their hands. Showing leaves to each other or maybe taking them home for their leaf collections. I don't know. But everyone is excited about it.

I tried to take pictures, too. But it is hard to capture, especially when your camera sucks like mine does. This is the driveway to our place.


Vonnie said...

I hope it'll still be as pretty in two weeks so I can see it for myself!

jennifer said...

I love it!!! It is sooooo beautiful, even if you think your camera sucks! :) Hope all is well. It was great seeing you...and all my mints are gone! They were yummy! Thanks again.


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