Thursday, August 28, 2008

Oregon State Fair

Yesterday we drove to Salem to go to the Oregon State Fair. We had a great time, and we went to the stadium show which was Garrison Keillor. We just got our tickets a few days ago, so our seats were their version of "nosebleed", though not really, because it's a very small amphitheater. But we were having a good karma day or something, because some people traded us their front section seats for our nosebleeds. Their friends had nosebleed seats next to ours, and they wanted to sit with their friends. So we got to sit close to the stage. It was fun! GK and the guy that does the sound effects did a whole story about Oregon, including references to Portland and Powell's Books and all that stuff, and everyone was laughing.

I've never been to a State fair before. Only county fairs and smaller. So this one had some things I'd never seen before, like a touring international photography exhibit, and competitive entries in calligraphy. We saw lots of stuff and bought even more stuff. We brought home one of those food saver things. The kind that vacuums out the air and makes its own bag. I keep reading that those are the best things ever, but I heard the cheaper kind sucks. We got a good one, I hope. I'm going to freeze some cupcakes in the food saver bag and see how long they last.

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