Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Gourmet Center (Biscoff) sucks!

A few weeks ago I received a catalog from the Biscoff company, aka Gourmet Center. They have the usual cookies, etc for the holidays. I saw an ad for a unique product: marshmallow "jammies". I bought 3 boxes to give to my neighbors who have children.

Here is the ad:

They look so pretty, and filled with strawberry jam, how gourmet!

They arrived yesterday, beautifully gift-boxed like the ad said. Since there were 3 boxes, I decided to open one just to do a quality check, I joked with Mike. How lucky that I did...

...because this is what was inside!!

I was horrified! The box had 3 plastic packages like Peeps from the grocery store! And notice they are NOT filled with jam, but "artificially flavored strawberry gel"!!

Here is a picture of one of the actual gourmet jammies next to its photo in the catalog!

With a bite taken out of it so you can see the strawberry jam, I mean, "gel"!

Again, I must protest that at a minimum this is false advertising because actual jam has fruit in it! There is no fruit in these "jammies"!!

I was so dismayed I clawed through the box for a packing slip to find the company's return policy. Nothing. I did find a scrap of paper and thought, a-ha, the guarantee. Nope. The company makes no claim to stand by their products.

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HO IV and crew said...

Wow- that's so deceptive. They're not even close to the same. I'm doing some product photography this week, and it's inspiring me to make sure I match the product and the picture well.


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