Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Today at school we had to take one of those dumb personality tests that tries to group you into some particular labeled group. This one labeled you as leader, follower, socialite, or geek. It didn't use those exact words, but I'm translating. I scored as a leader.

The next part of the assignment was for all classmates to re-group so that all the people with the same label were sitting together. There were 5 leaders in my group.

Then each group was given a case study and a question to answer about that study. The group had to collectively answer the question, but the trick was that the answer must be articulated out loud in the style of a different group. Leaders had to answer as if we were followers. The idea was to comprehend that people have different communication styles.

I was elected to give our answer on behalf of the leader group. I thought this was interesting since I felt that a group of leaders might not be able to come to a concensus about something like that so easily. But it seemed to be quick and unanimous, so I just accepted it instead of protesting too hard. I'm not a good actor, especially when it comes to comedy, because I can NOT keep a straight face. But I have to say, I was good tonight. I gave our presentation in the style of "follower" and had the class on the floor laughing. I'm pretty sure they were laughing at my convincing act and not at me.

The follower group looked a little confused. I think the exercise was funny, but was kind of crap, because "follower" is not a style of communication and I think my act proved that. Just because I was acting the role of follower does not mean that the actual followers understood my reasoning in answering the question any better.

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