Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Fortuitous circumstances

Last night Mike and I saw a show at the Hollywood Bowl. It was the show featuring American composers. Soloists played a couple of random-sounding suites, and their acts were book-ended by the Philharmonic playing Appalachian Spring and Rhapsody in Blue.

It was a series of lucky circumstances that Mike could come to the show. We had bought tickets for this show a long time ago, before he had his school schedule. So, I was very disappointed when he got his schedule and he has class on Tuesday nights. However, a whole lot of hesitant decisions later, and one cancelled class, meant that he could come with me. I was so happy I was jumping up and down. I had come this close (holding fingers very close together) to going alone, though when we got there I found that our seats were surrounded by people that I know, including someone from my office who was attending alone, so there were lucky coincidences any way I looked at it.

Appalachian Spring is one of my favorite symphonies. The Philharmonic played it ok, but it left me unaffected. I have it on my iPod and it makes me feel so happy; watching the Blast! kids play it leaves me feeling like that scene where Snoopy is listening to Schroeder play the piano - alternately giddy and then throwing myself on the floor and wailing. But even Mike agreed that last night's performance lacked drama, though it was amusing when the coyotes behind the Bowl started howling along with the music.

They saved the best for last. Rhapsody in Blue was stirring and dramatic and the virtuoso playing the piano made us want to applaud in the middle of the piece. His name is Michel Camilo and he's fantastic.

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