Saturday, September 22, 2007

Don't Pretend You Don't Know She's Damn Precious

Miss Jack has pretty much evolved to being an outdoor cat, except at night when we make her come in away from the coyotes. There are about a dozen outdoor cats that live in this neighborhood. Jack is the cutest. She kind of acts like a dog, running to greet us when we drive up, following us up and down the sidewalk. All the neighbors get a big kick out of it since she doesn't do the usual "aloof" cat thing.

Yesterday Mike was outside barbecuing corn. We have a patio in the front yard, surrounded by a low brick wall, on which we have a little gas barbecue. So Miss Jack was sitting on the wall watching Mike cook. A neighbor came around, walking her dogs, and taking her little boy for a walk too. They came up to admire Jack. The little boy tortured Jack while she patiently let him without any scratching or hissing. In the meantime, the lady told Mike that Jack is the prettiest cat in the neighborhood. Then, lowering her voice to a confidential tone, went on to say that "Everybody says so."

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