Friday, September 28, 2007

Breathe deeply. And tomorrow, again.

I love aromatherapy. I like candles, bath soaps and lotions, and my Scentstories disc player. And sometimes I like incense, room sprays, and fragrance oils. I don't like perfume, except for Tova signature, which I love love love. Though, unfortunately I can not smell it anymore so I just have to try to remember what it smells like.

So, today I am very excited because there is a whole new line of Scentstories discs put out by the Yankee Candle Company, and I got three of them today. The disc player is a Febreze product and it plays these sort of CDs that each have 5 different smells. The smells are contained in wax in little pockets in the CDs, and the machine circulates through all 5 pockets, half an hour on each one. I guess it heats the wax and that generates the scent.

When it first came out, it struck a chord with me because there was similar technology in the '80s in a little machine called Aroma Disc Player. My mom had one and I loved it. It used heat, similar to the Scentstories player. The discs were like little records. The center of the record was a cotton-like disc soaked in a scented oil. I adored the Aroma Disc Player.

I got one for myself later in the '90s, from a closeout catalog or 99 cent store or something like that. It only came with one record...rose, I think. They didn't have any other scents. I got bored of it and gave it away.

Now that we have the Internet, it's easy to find Aroma Disc Players and lots of different discs to go with it. I just ordered a new one and 4 different discs. Maybe I will use it in my office.


Anonymous said...

Where can I get the aroma discs? I have the Aroma Disc Player and am trying to find more discs.

Heather said...

You can get the old aroma discs at


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