Saturday, July 28, 2007

Even if your voice shakes

I survived school this week, barely. I finished my policy analysis a couple hours before it was due. I've already received my course grade, an A. Although Professor 1 was random I feel I would not have done such diligent research for any other. It is the best and most important paper I have ever written, and I'm proud of it. I kind of hoped it would lead to a job offer, but maybe he's not that kind of professor.

My finance class completed today. I had no trouble delivering a speech that I didn't even begin researching until a couple days ago. Then I sat in class looking at my watch in frustration as all the speakers continued to exceed their 10 minute time limits. We are going on vacation tomorrow, and I still had a jillion things to do and I wanted to go home.

Then one of my fellow students began criticizing Schwarzenegger's health care plan. And she said that insurance companies are opposed to the plan because it would mean insuring the uninsurable. I sat up straighter. Did I hear an indignant tone in her voice? The word kept coming up. "uninsurable" and "high risk" and always with that tone that is reserved for speaking about someone other than oneself. And then other students joined in, voicing mis-information about the said uninsurable. So I spoke up. Usually a fine speaker, this time my voice shook as I explained that the tag "uninsurable" has no relation to someone's income level, productivity, ability to work, or even their health. It just means that the person got sick once. And if that doesn't happen to be you, that's only but for the grace of god, as they say.

After class, Professor 2 offered me a job. It was devastating that his gesture was so much bigger than me.

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