Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Curb Your Cloud

Here is a poem that I like. It's called "Curb Your Cloud", by Richard Garcia.

Reeling in my kite
one day, I found
that I had caught a cloud.
It followed me home
that night, nestling about
my house, keeping me warm.

In the morning
it rose back to the sky
but still dangled
my line. “Go home,” I said,
but it followed me to school.

When I tied it to the bike rack
the other kids laughed.
But after I pulled it
into the playground
and let them stroke
its icy fur,
they all wanted
to catch a cloud too.

Sometimes we sit
on a hillside and watch it
do its tricks. It can do
a whale, an airplane,
and is learning
to spell our names.

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