Sunday, May 06, 2007


Today sucked. I worked on my research project all day. I don't know how those Wikipedia people do it, I really don't. This is my 6th class. 5 more to go, and I think 2 of them don't require research projects. So that means 3 more projects after this one...? Oh, I can't stand it.

I feel that the paper is rather sucking right now. The bright side, I suppose, is that I may be able to finish a first draft this week, and it is not due until May 22. That means I can get the professor to read it and give me some advice. I give my oral presentation on May 15. That one is also on the bright side. I'm pretty good at speeches and I think it will go well. After the last speech that I gave for this professor, he said it was the one of the best presentations he had ever heard a student give, in any of his classes. Right after that he had a guest speaker come in who was quite brilliant and put my presentation to shame, but how lucky for me that she came to speak after my assignment was done (and graded). Anyway, the speech should be no problem and my paper will be done early. I'm focusing on the good stuff so I won't get frustrated.

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