Friday, April 20, 2007

Disneyland in the rain

I took Mike to Disneyland today so he could do the rockin' rollercoasters before they go away. I still don't understand why they're not being advertised for what they are. Why even bother? But then again, there seems to be plenty of interest, so I guess who needs advertising? Mike liked them both a lot. He is on spring break this week, so we had planned for today all week. When we woke up, it was pouring rain, but we decided to go anyway. At the park it was cloudy and wet, but really nice because it wasn't too crowded. The trade-off is that the park was understaffed, and the food service at DCA was lousy. Then again, when isn't it? I'm not a pin trader, but I did start buying pins a couple years ago. I like to buy one every time I go to the park, something to commemorate whatever special thing happened that day. Today I bought one of Jiminy Cricket holding an umbrella, because it rained.

Mike bought a ham radio a couple days ago, to take with him when he goes hiking. The clerk showed him that Disney has their own radio frequency and allegedly uses it just to entertain the public. Like, the characters get on and say things every now and then. I was impressed, I'd never heard of that before. A secret channel. Like geocaching, only with radio. But, I guess it's a pretty big secret, because Mike brought his radio into the park and set it on the frequency labeled "DISNEY", but we got total silence the whole time we were listening. Maybe Mike needs to read the manual, or maybe there's such a thing as too big of a secret.

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