Thursday, March 15, 2007

Bamboo vs cotton towels

I keep seeing ads in stores (such as Target) or articles in homemaking magazines about the new bamboo towels vs cotton towels. Everyone says bamboo is better because its a renewable resource (as opposed to cotton?), it is more aborbent, and it dries faster. I think the first argument is referring to how quickly bamboo grows, but it's not like cotton grows insanely slowly. And I have a bamboo towel that I got from Target, and I am certain it is not more absorbent than my cotton towel, and it absolutely does not dry faster than my cotton towel. Yet I keep reading these claims. I wonder if my towel is defective.

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Shannon Kristine Croft said...

Never heard of a bamboo towel, but I did buy a game at Target that is made of bamboo. The box said something to the effect of that bamboo is better than wood.


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