Monday, February 19, 2007

Orange tree

Mike planted an orange tree in our front yard today. So cool! He realized after he planted it, that he put it right under the telephone lines. So, in 20 years, it will need to be trimmed and someone will be cursing the folks who planted the tree under the telephone lines. A good lesson learned on property that is not ours.

He also learned that those little Coleman camp shovels are junk. He needed a shovel to dig the hole for the tree. We have a shovel, but it's a flat bladed one and he needed a pointed spade. Instead of buying one, he gave the camp shovel a try, and bent it immediately. We actually have 3 camp shovels. So he went and got another one, of a different style. Bent that one too. Another good lesson to learn while it wasn't really an emergency we were trying to dig our way out of.

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