Friday, November 17, 2006


I've begun procrastinating again lately. I'd been good about not doing that for the past several months, but the combination of boring tasks for both work and school have caused the procrastination bug to bite once again.

With school, the reason is simple. I just don't like to write papers. Or do homework. At least writing reports for my job results in a paycheck.

With work, I'm not sure. I didn't used to do this. At first I thought I could blame it on being a consultant. I juggle tasks for multiple bosses now and if I don't finish a task on time, I can't use the excuse that one person's tasks take priority over another's, since each boss is budgeting time and pay just for me. But then I realized that it's not much different than when I worked for one boss. My reaction is still to procrastinate. I guess it's the confusion in prioritizing...but I'm not sure.

Good things about being a consultant:
1. Flexible schedule
2. Freedom to turn down work
3. Flexible location, any office or home

Bad things:
1. On call all the time
2. No benefits

My tasks hang over my head. I guess it's school that's bothering me more than anything. I really should go do my homework.

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