Thursday, September 21, 2006

It's getting really tiring living at Dodger stadium. I don't know if it's because I know we're moving, or that I thought the season was over on Sept 1 when they had fireworks, or if the traffic truly is getting heavier, but I'm just getting less and less tolerant of the stupid drivers every night. For 2 seasons I have been very patient (I think), but this past week has been so annoying. Usually the right lane, which of course is reserved for people turning right (me), is relatively clear. Maybe one, maybe two weenies who try to cut off everyone else. This past week it has been backed up through the whole park, lots of idiots, and the other lanes are jammed so tightly that it's hard for the idiots to cut anyone off anyway. By the time I get to the front I am so irritated that it's hard not to lean on my horn at the nightly occurrence of someone trying to stop where there is no stop sign, or the twice monthly occurrence of some jerk driving the wrong way down the tiny one way street that I use to get home. I came very, very close to leaning on my horn tonight, but I don't like spreading meanness in the world unless the person really really deserves it.

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