Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Glad we're moving

Last night I woke up to hear horrible wild animal noises outside of our window. Grunting, fighting, growling, and something was squealing like a guinea pig. This happens from time to time but it was really fierce last night. I woke up Mike and told him coyotes were fighting outside of our window. He said something like, "how rude!" so I knew he was still asleep, but I had woken him enough so that he eventually heard the ruckus for himself and went to the window. There are so many bushes and vines outside that I couldn't see the source of the ruckus. If I were on the farm, I would shoot it, I say. What was really strange was that the neighborhood dogs were not barking. I expected them to bark at the intruder, whatever it was, but it was awfully quiet except for the nasty crunching and gnashing of teeth. For some reason, even I was too hesitant to just scream KNOCK IT OFF! at the thing. The woman in the apartment next to mine shined a flashlight out of her window. All of the sudden the wind kicked up and a windchime started chiming. That stopped the thing. I saw two big cats climb up to the roof of the shed next door. But I guess they weren't cats. I guess they were raccoons or something of that nature. They were bigger than cats, and kind of slunk away. I still don't know what squeals like a guinea pig. I hope I don't hear it again tonight.

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