Wednesday, June 07, 2006


I wrote my first VB code today. It's very exciting. I automated a process that had needed automating for quite some time. I did it in 8 hours. Yesterday, our IT department quoted me "2 weeks", so I did it myself.

Tomorrow I start school. The class is Research Methods. The instructor sent out a syllabus already, indicating that we have to prepare a survey and then write a paper about the results of the survey. Since my focus is to be on emergency services, I decided I would conduct my survey about emergency preparedness. Are you prepared? And if not, why not? What would motivate you? etc. etc.

Well, today the instructor posted a bunch of stuff on the class website, including a sample survey and paper. And the subject of the sample survey and paper were my exact ideas. I'm so bummed. There were my ideas, duplicated exactly! At least I saw it before the first day of school. How embarrassing it would have been, if I showed up at class tomorrow and proudly announced my research topic...

It's possible that I could research my other favorite topic, work-life balance. There is a grass-roots movement for the US to implement a mandatory vacation policy. Although I personally think this movement is stupid, making it a Federal policy could be an interesting topic for research, anyway. The research is a group project. I wonder if I could convince 4 other people to research this topic too.

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