Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Seven more days

I am in a bad mood because I have a customer on ebay who is telling me that I made promises that I did not make. Of course, it does not matter that I can prove that I made no such promises. She is now on a rant and presumably will post a bad rating about the transaction. I have 100% positive feedback and was hoping to keep it that way. Don't tell me the customer is always right. I already know this, but it's still really, really annoying when the customer lies.

The last several days and the next several days are shaping up to be very surreal. I've been so tired and weirded out emotionally, that I forgot I'm not supposed to eat chocolate and I ate a fudgy brownie today. Aleah just watched me eat it too, and when I smacked myself in the head she said she was wondering if I was supposed to have it. Fudge!!

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