Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Knitting Injuries

I tried to take up knitting a few times. Each time, no matter how hard I tried, my stitches were too tight and I ended up feeling arthritic as I held my knitting needles in my gnarled-up claws.

So, my sister got me a knitting board. It's basically a board with 2 rows of nails pounded into it. You weave the yarn in and out of the nails and use a crochet hook to knit. So far I have successfully completed one scarf and now I'm working on a blanket. I can only make rectangular items. The problem is, I have been so feverishly working on the blanket that I have developed a pain in my left shoulder. Apparently I hold my left arm at a weird angle while I'm weaving the yarn in and out of the nails.

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