Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Letterboxing is lame, er, cool

Last weekend we went geocaching at the Disney Concert Hall. While I was copying the coordinates from the geocache website, I read that there was also a "letterbox" at the concert hall. I had to look up what that was. Evidently a letterbox is sort of like a cache, but there's no coordinates and no treasure. The letterbox website just flat out tells you where it is, and inside is a pad of paper and a rubber stamp. You bring a rubber stamp too. Then, you stamp their book and you take their stamp and make a mark in your own book. That's it. Lame! I thought.

Then we went to the concert hall and found the geocache. That was so cool to find a cache on private property. As we were exploring the property further, I realized we were close to the letterbox. As lame as it was, I went to go find it. It was right in front of a security camera, so I had Mike stand in between me and the camera while I pulled out the box. No one had put a stamp in the book yet. It was completely blank. Then all of the sudden I wished I had a stamp to put in there. Now I have to go back!

That was the most fun cache ever. Because it was so secretive and exciting, as if I were on a spy mission. I wonder about all those people who visit or even work at the concert hall and have no idea that there is buried treasure.

Here is a photo of the concert hall, that I took myself. For those of you who are not Angelenos, you may recognize the concert hall from a recent Ross commercial. I took this photo from the roof of courthouse while I was on jury duty.

Here is a link to another blog where the blogger took some photos of the inside of the building.


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Shannon Kristine Croft said...

I had read an article about letterboxing in Family Fun and without treasure, I did not see the point. It is supposed to be big in Europe though and also in the New England area of the U.S. I have not even bothered to check if there are any around here.


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