Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Wart removal techniques

Here are some folk remedies for removing warts.
  • Put a piece of raw bacon on the wart for one whole day.
  • Rub the wart with a fresh slice of potato every night at bedtime.
  • Wear a straw hat for 3 days, then burn it in the fireplace.
  • Rub the wart with the skin of an uncooked chicken, then hide the chicken skin under a rock.
  • Rub the wart with a kernel of corn, then feed the corn to a rooster.
  • Tape a fresh piece of onion to the wart every day.
  • Apply castor oil to the wart, and rub it 20 times, every night at bedtime.
  • Rub a cashew on the wart several times a day.
  • Rub the wart daily with a piece of white chalk.
  • Rub dandelion sap on the wart 3 times a day.
  • Rub the wart with a stone, then wrap the stone in several layers of tissue paper, and ask a friend to bury it at a crossroads.

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