Thursday, March 16, 2006

I am not preferred

Mike is an EMT. Sometimes he works shifts as long as
72 hours. He could be on one of those right now. I'm
not entirely sure, because he left his cell phone home
this time. He left Wednesday morning and he hasn't
been home since. He finally called me earlier today,
from one of his co-worker's phones, and he left me a
message that he would not be home tonight, either. I
hope he will be home tomorrow. This sucks. Plus, our
cat, Ozzy, is going nuts. When Mike is gone, Ozzy will
not sleep on the bed with me. He waits in the living
room all night and watches the front door. It's not
that he hates me, it's just that Mike is the Preferred
Human. Right now, Ozzy has his head out the window and
he's crying.

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