Thursday, March 30, 2006

A dog bit our mailman.

We haven't gotten any mail for a week now. Apparently, last week, the mailman was bit by a dog. A dog in our building. So now, the mailman is on a leave of absence, and the post office refuses to send a temp because our building is a danger zone. If we want our mail, we have to go pick it up. The rumor mill also says that the mailman is trying to qualify for lifetime disability as a result of the dog bite. So I'm wondering if that means we will never get mail again. I went to our local post office one time and refused to return, ever. Now that I think about it, I don't remember why I made this resolution. The words "so rude!" come to mind, but I don't remember the story behind it.

I know I will have to make Mike go, or break down and go myself, before April 8th. I am expecting show tickets for April 8th, and they're supposed to arrive by mail.

There are a lot of dogs in our building, but I've never known any of them to be the biting kind. One of them carries a teddy bear in its mouth, everywhere it goes. It's so cute.

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