Friday, August 15, 2008

We're about 95% unpacked now. All our stuff arrived in one piece, so it has been a good move since we got here. They're having a heat wave in Portland - around 100 degrees every day this week. It's funny since they are making such a fuss about it on the radio, but then again, this town is not really air-conditioned. That includes our new apartment. The landlord kept telling us we wouldn't need it, but we couldn't help but notice that almost every other tenant has installed window units in their apartments. I inquired at my new office yesterday to see if they are ready for response yet, so I assume the person I need to meet is out of the office this week. I didn't want to show up unannounced, so I'm working from Starbucks today. Hey, what choice did I have?

At Starbucks in Portland, they look at you funny if you try to order a decaf, and they put whipped cream on everything without even asking.

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