Monday, March 19, 2007

4 patriot ancestors? No, maybe 3.

I have a list now of 4 rumored Revolutionary War ancestors, but I've only proven lineage to one of them. I decided to go ahead and locate proof for the other 3. Yesterday I learned that the DAR had not heard of one of my ancestors that I thought was a patriot. That does not mean he was not in the war, but only that no one has documented it with the DAR in the last 200 years. I viewed this as a setback, but didn't give up.

Today I found a rumor that pointed to the possibility that he may have been in the war, but fought as a Loyalist. Unfortunately the rumor wasn't sourced, but I learned the Captain's name that he had enlisted with, so I'm sure a decent Revolutionary War history book might lend more information.

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