Monday, September 04, 2017

Books I read in July and August

I just realized I never did my July book post.

In July I decided I wanted to know what a Francophile is, so I read 2.5 books about why fat American women are so lame compared to French women. (Apparently believing this makes you a Francophile.)

There was a 3rd book but I stopped reading it halfway through because all 3 books were exactly the same. Rule #1: Never eat standing up.  Rule #2: Have a 10-item wardrobe. Rule #3: Never snack. What are snacks? They don't have them in Paris. Rule #4: NEVER EAT STANDING UP.

Then I read The One Thing, which I have known about for quite some time but never read it until now. It's a productivity book. I did love it and want my own copy now.

Next is my first Adam Gopnik book and it's a children's novel so that's not exactly what he's known for but it's the first one the library had available for me. This is when I decided that if I ever participate in NANOWRIMO I will write a fantasy book.


Finally this new book I picked up when we took Tommy to Powell's. American Fire. It's non-fiction, about an arsonist, but reads like a novel. Absolutely fascinating and I loved every word.

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