Saturday, May 06, 2017

Saturday morning coffee post

It's almost 10am and everyone is still asleep. Well, everyone was awake at 6am for some reason but most people went back to sleep.

A quick update on everything I've been up to, before everyone wakes up.

The nanny we wanted to partner with for the day care has moved to Nebraska, so the partnership is no more. We didn't want to do the day care with anyone else, so, oh well.

Our existing nanny is still in limbo in her life and so we just have to wait until that settles itself before we make any plans for the next phase of our life and our kids' homeschooling, etc.

I don't think I mentioned it here previously, but I hired a software developer a few months ago to work on a project for Mike. He started the job but then he got sick, so I'm trying to wait patiently for that to move forward.

I hear a kid waking up so I have to type fast

I've been invited to give a talk about my Vietnam book and it's gotten more publicity than I expected. The talk, I mean. I wonder how many people will actually attend. It will be good practice for me. It is next Tuesday at 3:30. Really how many people could possibly attend a talk on a Tuesday at 3:30? Not that many I think. The book is nearly ready for publication and I already started a website. The cost proposal for the monument came in and I politely ripped it to shreds, metaphorically speaking. If that guy worked at my day job he would be so fired.

I hear Mike and Mae up so I will have to write more later, after breakfast. Mae is now yelling at Libby RISE AND SHINE! Today we are starting a bathroom renovation if the reno guys ever show up. How's that for a cliffhanger. You will just have to stay tuned.

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