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{genealogy} Artemas Ward of Herkimer, NY - part 2 - War of 1812 Service

It didn't actually take that long for NARA to send me the scans of Artemas Ward's 1812 service. It just took me forever to get to my desk.

In my last post I mentioned that NARA had 3 Artemas Wards who had served in the War of 1812.  I guessed correctly that my ancestor was the one who served in New York.

I received scans of the following documents:

  • transcription (not original) of muster roll
  • transcription (not original) payroll record
  • sworn statement from 1852
  • sworn statement from 1855 (nearly identical wording to the 1852 version)
  • sworn statement from 1875
  • various briefs from the Bureau of Pensions
  • letters from genealogists before me (also my cousins) requesting copies of the pension file

The sworn statement from 1875 had the most information and also the evidence proving that I chose the right file.  In that statement, Artemas Ward referenced his wife Almira, and also brought along his son-in-law Palmer Wood to serve as a witness.  In 1875, he is also required to swear that he had been loyal to the United States during "the late rebellion" (Civil War).  

He tells the clerk that for his service, he previously received 2 land warrants. One for 40 acres and one for 120 acres.  He says he sold both warrants, but doesn't say how much he received for them.

His actual service is described as follows:

he was drafted in Captain Zacharias Townsend’s Company, Colonel Christopher Bellinger’s Brigade, under the general order of the Governor of this State at the town of German Flatts in the County of Herkimer and State of New York on or about the 20th day of August 1814 for the term of 3 months, and was honorably discharged at Sackett’s Harbor on the 13th day of November 1814 and in the discharge was allowed by the government of the United States five days further time thereafter for returning home, making the termination of declarant’s said service the 18th day of November 1814, that on or about the 25th day September 1814 he went to Sackett’s Harbor and there joined the said Company and Regiment and there remained with his said Company and Regiment garrisoned at Sackett’s Harbor aforesaid to guard and defend, and did guard and defend that place, and the Harbor thereat, and the frontier at that front.

So his actual service according to payroll records is 62 days, and he was paid $20 for the 2 months.  He doesn't reference seeing any "action", so to speak, so I don't think he saw any.  My other pensioner ancestors are quite wordy about battles, wounds, etc.

I consulted Wikipedia to read more about Sackett's Harbor.  There were 2 battles fought here in the War of 1812, but both were prior to Artemas Ward's service.  

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